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Que:  What is the ZOOMNZEEMy Society APP?

Ans: ZOOMNZEEMy Society APP is a platform with a wide range of services like Security, Society Management and Domestic needs etc. ZOOMNZEEMy Society App is your own Society networking bridge where you will be comfortable to share your opinions, resolve your day to day issue, and track your Visitor and IN/Out of Household Staff and many more things.

USP of APP: No need to share your Mobile No. for Communication, means no one can view your Mobile No. while using the APP.



A place where you can add maximum 4  Mobile No. and create your own Help/Support SMS with location.

Note: Help/Support SMS with location will go on Single click in case of Emergency.

A place where you understand all the features of the APP.


In case of wrong parking or emergency, you can search Flat No. through Vehicle No. of Residents or Visitors.



A place where you can see and update your details like Occupation, Specialization, Email, Vehicles and also see details of Household Staff linked with your Flat.

        • Use Update to update your details and also a place where you can add your family member to run the same APP.
        • Use Update Vehicle to update your vehicle.

                             Note: Your updated Occupation and Vehicle may be useful for Society to Search you through Occupation or Vehicle in case of help or emergency.


      A place where you can see details of your Maintenance Staff / Facility Team and call them directly.
      Note: No need to save Mobile No. of Staff.


      A place where you can search Occupation wise Flat No. of that person of your Society in case of any help or emergency.
      Note: It’s the same Occupation list which you have updated in your My Flat Option.


      A place where you will receive all the notices circulated by Admin of Society in digital mode & you will also receive notifications.
      Note: Save time, Save paper



      A place where you will get all important notifications, send by Admin.


      A place where you may get offers through your Nearby Vendors in Digital Mode.
      Note: Your Society ID is your Promo code <>, use it for the discount.



      A place where you get the list of all Household Staff linked with Society (Maids, car cleaners etc..) Details like Mobile No. , list of linked Flats, Status of ID proofs, IN/OUT Status.
      Note: No need to search physically, search digitally and get Notification on APP when your Household Staff entered in Society.


       A place where you can promote your business like music classes, Boutiques, tuitions, etc… and also you can buy or sell anything like a laptop, furniture, car, mobile, bike, etc…
      Note: It’s within Society only.


      A place where you can send your Grievances and Suggestions to Management committee in digital form.
      Note: Track your Query/Suggestions/Issues and reply of Admin.


      A place where you can view or update Image of Society get together.
      Note: Image can be Approved and Tracked by Admin. 


      A multipurpose feature, if you don’t want to share your Mobile No. but still want to receive calls from Security Guard or any Society Residents. You can publish your landline. Also, place to search detail of Committee Members.
      Note: Option to update your Landline for communication. 


      A place where you have the list to all Emergency Contact of your local area Govt. agencies, Hospitals, Helplines of Bus, Train, Airlines etc…
      Note: Make your own Society Emergency Contact List.


      A place where to search category wise nearby vendors, Address, Open/Close Time, Status and Contact No.
      Note : Use Promocode and avail discount.



       A place where you can update your Society Guard about your expected visitor in advance to hassle-free entry.
      Note: Pre Inform your Security Guard about your Visitor for hassle-free entry (Relative, Friend, Taxi, Delivery). 


      A place where you can see the detail of your visitor along with Photo, OTP verified Mobile No., Data, Time etc..
      Note: Track History of your Visitors along with Photo & OTP verified Mobile No.


      A place where you can poll in case of your Management committee required your  Opinion on any issue.
      Note: Poll & Share your Opinion without sharing your identity.



      A place where you can book your Park, Community Center etc in advance.



      A place where you can see your last payment amount, date of payment, pending payment etc..



      A place to get help from Team ZOOMNZEE.



      Thank You !! 

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